Real butter or margarine , Whats your preference & why ?

    Butter-$ 5. and marg is $ 1 here,I like to have both on hand but I know people say the marg is one molecule away from plastic so they will not eat it.

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    This is a very good article with information on both margarine and butter.

    Click here.....


    Thank-you, I did check it out and wow that was interesting, very informative.

    I do quite a bit of research re: food and so I'm aware of the debate between these two food items. I'm glad that you found it interesting. :)

    I love real home produced butter but unfortunately my arteries don't so I consume as much as I want, you only live for ever if you exist in a fantasy world, I will return and do exactly the same, life's too short.

    Anything Canola does it for me. More healthier for you.

    I try and stick with dairy butter, the processing methods used to make margarine are so harmful to health.

    I prefer butter., but have margarine around, too. Butter has a better flavor with foods. I do not use much of either.

    I treat myself to real butter, it's not asking too much.....

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