Your best ideas for quitting smoking,please help

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    I tried every thing on the market-- What did it for me was when someone I looked upto I hadn't seen in years told me I stink.  For some reason, this is what finally did it for me.  I put down the cigarettes and never lit another one again, that was about 9 years ago.. However!  On rare occasion, I will light up a cigar and sit outside with neighbors, my wife or by myself.  Usually I will take a few puffs and I am done with it.  Ironically, when I did quit, I was so surprised that it was easy, so easy I kicked myself for all the times I used those expensive patches, gum, pills etc.. You don't need that garbage, whet you need is the sincere will to quit!  Of course everyone says that but they have no confidence in themselves so they depend on a replacement, a helper like the patch.  Believe me. YOU MUST REALLY WANT TO QUIT! you just can't say--"I wanna quit', it must be real! When you do convince yourself that you aren't lying, you will be so surprised at how simple quitting really is.. Because YOU WANT TO!   maybe you need a kick in the pants like I got, someone embarrass you.    That was my winning ticket.

    Do,not say to yourself that you are going to stop,just say you are going to try and not have a sig, tommorow,always have some in your pocket ,and at work,and some more in a draw at home,after one day ,you can if you wish smoke all you want,even two at a time,or just try another day,and another day,the chioce is always with you,just one day at a time,if you fail it does not matter just give it a try,,,


    P/S I gave it a try this way, and my last cigeret,was over 20 years ago,and i have not packed up ,just did not smoke today,

    One of my aunts quite cold turkey by throwing them in the trash she was raising kids and wanted to see them grow up and she did and never smoked again and she is seeing her grand babies today so try the gum the patches and I believe at the drug store they have stop smoking kit  


    You're welcome:)

    Take a real good look at yourself, then look at the scars, I've got from smoking (Heart surgery and Lung cancer surgery), then ask yourself "IS IT WORTH THE PRICE???"

    stop smoking every 2nd night and keep going until you stop

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