Who had a good day? (:

    Who's day was good. Not necessarily GREAT, or LIFE CHANGING, but just...
    good. (:

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    still here , still breathing, still loving god, dosen't get much better than that!
    Any day above ground is a good day so I had a pearler. Booked a flight to London (from Australia) to visit one of my daughters. Took my wonderful dog for her walk. Had food to eat and a roof over my head when I needed it, how could it not be a good day. Thanks for asking it is nice to think some one cares enough to ask.

    no wonder I couldn't find you! This is my "thank you" vote for joining in the royalty question.
    Good day, I am off work today--honeydo list completed, watching the Giants get their butts beat. Life is good-- Even though i am a giants fan.
    I wish I could say it was me. Usually it is me asking such lifting time maybe.Thanks for reminding me that there is always good in the midst of bad.

    Bad days are horrid & I'm sorry tou had one... but they make the good ones look great.

    I have always said that one must experience bad in order to understand and appreciate whats good...your so very right
    Got up, feeling well, worked on Q&A for a while, worked with dogs, went to clean church some, out to eat, home to play with dogs, Q&A some more, Yes a boring day but good.
    What a super question. Actually today isn't that good... ache more than a bit... but you asked yesterday.

    That was a great day. Found a book that might be a winner (my job)... watched The wedding, which was beautiful... just the ceremony as busy... did gardening on an unexpected sunny evening... the reason for the aches because i shouldn't done too much, but I enjoyed it :-)
    I decided to vote up all the answers because I think in the midst of our busy lives it is good to look for something good in each day...even if it is only that we were given another day! Today I have learned something new!!

    What did you learn!
    (And I love your analogy) :D

    I have a very hard time being able to make mistakes. I always feel that I am a failure if I make a mistake! A friend of mine taught me that you can fail successfully by learning from your failure! It means that I can make a mistake and learn from it and not be a failure! I feel like I'm on the road to being liberated from my perfectionism!

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