Is chivalry dead or do women still like thier open if over age 50

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    Chivalry has little to do with what a woman wants.

    As an over 50, my vote for care and manners (aka chivalry)is the more the better. The key to successful chivalry is sincerity and lack of ostentatiousness.I


    I could not agree more Bob,not sure about ostentatousness,Bob though,it seems painful

    By that, I mean when someone makes a big deal of being polite, to get attention. Showing off

    Manners and respect cost nothing, and I think most women still like to have a door opened for them, I was bought up to stand back and hold the door open for women, and anyone else female or male who were  older than me.I bought my sons up the same way, I am pretty sure they still do the same thing now.



    how about if a revolving door sunnyB,??

    A revolving door needs to be treated with care, help the lady in as it passes stay in with her , when you reach the other side give her a gentle push to help her out.

    Whatever the age of a person I think manners cost nothing, nor does respect, if I see someone needs a hand opening a door, or need a seat more than I do I'm only too happy to oblige, if someone chooses to do so for me I acknowledge it, oddly enough if I had a client out in the community that was being difficult or threatening I found more young people offered assistance than the older generation (by which I mean people my own age)



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