how to connect my laptop to tv to play movies

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    Things You'll Need
    VGA or S-Video Cable
    TV Owners Manual

    Attach the VGA or S-Video cable to laptop and TV. Input locations can vary, but most are located on the back or sides of both laptop and TV. Refer to owners' manuals of both laptop and TV for specific locations.

    Switch the TV to the input where the VGA or S-Video cable was attached. The movie cannot be seen on TV without proper input changed. Inputs are changed in a variety of ways. The TVs remote control usually has an input button, but not all do. Refer to TVs owners' manual for specific instructions.

    Adjust the display settings so that the laptop viewing screen can be seen on the TV. Some laptops will automatically detect when another media device is attached and will automatically adjust. Each operating system will have specific instructions for adjusting viewing settings. Most instructions begin with opening the control panel of the operating system. Refer to operating systems owners' manual for specific instructions.

    Display the movie on the laptop as you normally do. The movie should now be displayed on both laptop and TV. The sound volume will probably need to be adjusted on the computer to a higher level than normal. The audio will still be played through the laptop.

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    Does your computer have HDMI? if your TV is newer than 2006 it also has HDMI.. Just run a HDMI cable between TV and computer, select the HDMI input on your line-in from TV and that's it.

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