engine timing specifications on 1988 chevy 2.5L

    what are the engine timing specifications on 1988 GMC 2.5L

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    Click this link to see the timing diagram >

    Things You'll Need
    Timing light

    Locate the timing mark pointer plate beside the crankshaft pulley. The "0" mark represents top dead center. The pointer plate will be marked in either one or two-degree increments and should have the timing mark for your 2.8L V6 enginenoted. If not, count back from the "0" mark the correct number of degrees before top dead center, as noted on the VECI label under the hood, and mark the plate with chalk.

    Find the notch on the crankshaft pulley. Mark it with chalk so it will be visible under the timing light.

    Ensure the ignition is off. Connect the pick-up lead of the timing light to the number one spark plug wire, located on the front cylinder on the passenger side of the vehicle. Do not pierce the wire or attempt to insert the wire between the boot and the wire. Connect the timing light power leads according to the manufacturer's directions.

    Start the engine. Aim the timing light at the timing mark by the crankshaft pulley and note which timing mark the notch on the pulley is lining up with. If the notch is not lined up with the correct mark, loosen the distributor hold-down bolt and rotate the distributor until the notch is lined up with the correct timing mark.

    Tighten the hold-down bolt and recheck the timing. Turn off the engine and disconnect the timing light. Reconnect the number one spark plug wire, if removed.

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    Ok, but this is a 2.5L tbi and the service sticker under the hood has the timing instructions on it. However the instructions have been partialy rubbed off therefor leaving the sticker un-readable. The sticker referes to the computer connection under the dash as part of the proceedure. Unfortunately its not readable, so I'm unable to determine the correct proceedure.

    I'm not a mechanic. I just search for information on the internet. What model car is this? Is is a small block camero?


    i have 1989 with the 2.5 

    to set the timing ,

    1) mark the crank pulley with chalk ( so you can see it under the timing light )

    2) get the motor at operating temp. 

    3) under you dash theirs a aldl port  you want to get a jumper wirier an go from "a" port to "b" port.

    4) loosen the distributor clamp hold down ( not to loose, don't want it flopping around) 

    5) start the truck (make sure your still at operation temp (if not let it warm up) once at temp use you timing light an move the distributor  till you get 8 degs of timing.

    6) re-tighten your distributor. once tight recheck your work making sure your still an 8 degs of timing with truck at temp. if not go back to step 4 

    7) shut truck off, pull the jumper wirier  from aldl port. 

    8) disconnect neg. battery cable for 30 seconds ( re-install battery cable) 

    make sure that the key is in the off position when removing battery cable to prevent damage to the ecm   

    an you good to go  hope this helps 




     No my vehicle is a 1988 GMC S15 pickup. It has the 2.5L TBI engine. Im coming to the conclussion that they must not have made too many of these engines do to the fact that I have been searching the web for a good week now and the only info I can find is for the 2.8L and larger engines, but absolutely nothing on a 2.5L.. The 2.5L is a 4cyl and I believe that there must be a special way to set the timing, Im just not too sure what it is. I appreciate your help, its driving crazy trying to figure this out.

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