i think chemo is affectin my sisters mid is this posible

    my sister in gettin chemotherapy i think it is affecting the way she thinks can chemo do this

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    Yes it does, my wife had a lot of "Chemo brain" last year. Tell your sister to look in a mirror and shout, yes shout, "Piss (or if she is of the mind F--k) off cancer I do not want you in my body get out" I am not joking, this will help her as the most wonderful thing you can generate at this time is a positive mental attitude. Tell her to do this as many times a day as she feels. She will feel stupid when she first starts but that passes and she will get a better attitude. I am not a snake oil type off person but I have seen the proof in the pudding. Hey what has she got to lose by trying.
    Yes it can, deal with it, it's only temporary and she needs your support right now.

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