Whos at fault if i hand cashier $2.50 on pump 14 but she puts $25 instead?

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    Karma tests are difficult to pass for some. I would have had no problem paying since the gas was now in my tank. $2.50 worth of gas is what a person gets to put in a gas can, I have trouble believing you only intended to put $2.50 worth of fuel into your car's fuel tank. I think you filled a small gas can that did not take the full $2.50, so you decided to put the rest in the car and the gas just kept pumping. How could you not know that the time it took to pump $25 worth of gas far exceeded the time it would take to pump less than a gallon of gas? Didn't you wonder why it was taking so long to pump $2.50 worth of gas? Did you never look at the gas pump to see that you had gone past $2.50? Of course you did. You were just trying to take advantage of the cashier's mistake so you kept filling until the gas stopped flowing. You are just as responsible because you knew a mistake was made. The laws of karma forced you to be responsible for trying to take advantage of the mistake. Next time, just be honest. You get good karma that way and in time that good karma brings rewards to your life.

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    Why are you looking to "blame" someone for an error? Your question suggests that you want to justify your dishonesty. Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone cheats others out of money because of it. I suppose if the error had been a disadvantage to you, you wouldn't have mentioned it? Expect more of yourself Mike!

    The clerk made the error., but that does not entitle you to $22, 50 free fuel. 

    Hard tobelieve you wanted to buy little more than 1/2 gallon.......i


    That would only be 1Litre in the UK! :-(

    the moral responsibility is for you to tell the cashier of the mistake,not doing so would mean that the cashier would have to make up the shortfall.

    If you are in the U.S.,'s actually a disguised tax.  ""Here he is at a station in Washington.

    A lack of quality on the clerk .  Did not conform to requirements, no prevention, no zero defects , and evidently dont know price of non conformance.  You are not at fault. You have no responsibility. Its a moral issue , if any. Yesterday, i filled up with diesel in Midland Texas. Filled up with 30 gallons diesel at 4.00 a gallon. didnt realize until after 10 miles away my ticket only read 82.50. I dont know. My tank was full. The clerk with the dreadlocks down to below his shoulder was too busy talking with the other hoods in his store, not paying attention to anything.  

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