why do i keep receiving text message from this company? 731-358-0240?

    I have gotten messages for years now and I have no clue what it is for. Ether answer my question or I will report this as harassment. I have a lot of phones with u all sending me the same messages and I do not have Acct. With you all???????


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    Why do you think the texts are coming from this forum? We are akaQA, a general question and answer forum. We do not send text messages or make phone calls. Have you ever tried calling your phone service provider to find out what you can do about the harassing text messages? Have you ever tried to call the number and tell them to remove you from their list? Why have you put up with this for years? Most service providers have a way to block text messages from a certain number. You should check into that.

    This is the company it show on my cell phone. Thank you. I wasn't born yesterday. I just want it to stop. can u please look into it,  that is if u can help me. My mother is real sick and just had cancer. She need some piece. Thank u if u can stop the textin of the number I have provided. Sincerily Neiko


    Did you read what I said to you? We are not the phone company. We are not connected to the one texting you. We can not "look into it". You need to do what I told you to do. Call your cellphone service provider and tell them you need the text stopped. They can track it and stop it. My best to your mother and I hope she gets well.

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