Can i remove my modem out of my old e-machine and put it in my newer acer machine ,for dial-up services,plz only serious answers

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    I thought you meant the modem outside the computer. You're trying to make your acer dial up capable? If so, what you want to do will not work. The modem in your r-machine is not designed for the acer. Upgrade to internet. Get off dial up for Pete's sake. The lowest high speed available today which is 10X faster than dial-up is usually only $25-$29/month. You're as bad as my mother with her dial. At least she's finally checking into regular cable now. Dial up is pre-dinosaur. Step out of the cave and into the new generation :)

    Read through this to see just what it will take to install a dial up modem into your Acer:

    Things You'll Need
    Compatible modem
    Laptop screwdriver set
    ESD grounding tool

    Shut down the Acer laptop and remove its battery. Shut down your Acer laptop through Windows and close the lid. Place the laptop onto a stable surface to access the laptop's underside. Remove the battery by sliding the battery lock to the "unlock" position, then, sliding the battery release latch, pull the battery out of its bay.

    Unplug the power cord, all cables and all peripherals. Remove the power cord from the Acer laptop and unplug all cords and cables that are connected to the laptop, such as the Ethernet cable, telephone cable and headphones. Disconnect all peripherals, including USB adapters, PC cards, and any external mouse.

    Locate and remove the modem compartment cover. The modem in a Acer laptop may be housed in the wireless card compartment or have its own compartment. Consult the user guide for your particular Acer model to determine which compartment contains the modem. Use a laptop screwdriver to unscrew the screws that secure the compartment cover to the laptop.

    Remove the modem. The modem is secured onto the Acer laptop's motherboard by two screws. Use a laptop screwdriver to remove these screws. Find the small cable that connects the modem to the motherboard and remove it by gently pulling the connector end of the cable out of the modem. Avoid pulling the cable itself, as you can damage the cable and the modem. Once you have disconnected the modem cable, you can safely lift the modem out of the compartment.

    Insert the new modem. Insert the connector end of the modem cable into the new modem, then gently place the modem into the compartment. Align the modem so that its two screw holes match the holes inside the compartment. Insert and tighten the two screws into the new modem, then secure the cover back onto the compartment.

    Download and install drivers. Go to the technical support page on the Acer website (see "Resources" below) to find and install the drivers necessary to operate the modem. Without these drivers, your Acer laptop will not recognize the modem.


    The modem is cheap enough to buy the correct one for your Acer >



    FYI I live in the country where there IS no wi-fi hot spots and my bill is anywhere from $80 TO $150 A FKIN MONTH And thats with high-speed they do not have unlimeted in my area,so b-4 you go a preaching ,make sure you know all the dam facts lady,Mts is the only provider that can offer dial up unlimited for 39.20 taxes included,SO THERE!!!!

    I'd move if I were you. My mother lives in Amish country. They didn't have internet for the longest time. Now they have it but it's taken some convincing to get her to consider getting off the dial up fossil. You should do something about your anger issue. Moving out of the boonies may help :)

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