what is administrative permission in windows 7

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    It is requiring an admin password to make changes to the computer. If you do not need this, you can stop it by following these instructions. 

    Start your computer with Windows 7 and log in as you normally would. Your desktop should appear, and any background applications should be closed.

    Click the Windows "Start" orb at the lower left corner of your screen. Click your account picture at the top right of the menu. You will be presented with a window that allows you to make changes to your user account. Click the link that says "Change User Account Control Settings."

    Look for the User Account Control options slider. The default option of User Account Control is to notify you only when programs try to make changes to your computer or you install new programs. The option directly below that does the same thing but does not dim your desktop. The "Never Notify" option at the bottom of the list eliminates the prompts for permissions. Move the slider to the bottom of the options window.

    Click "OK." You may be prompted one last time from User Account Control to confirm your settings and reboot your computer.

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