do u like this picure i took i'm trying to be a photographer and i need some criticizm


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    If you make your prints in black and white first it is a helpful tool and you'll be able to tell if the composition, balance of neg. and pos., and glare are pleasing. Also, don't forget that you can crop photos to help with all of these requirements.""


    Excellent advice. Thanks witchway!

    I think it is a very nice picture and I like it very much.

    It's nice, but not particularly exciting.  There is a little too much glare in the center, in my opinion.


    thanks ill work on that

    Have fun. It's a great hobby and will hopefully be a career you will love and enjoy great success

    What I know about photography you could write on the back of a very cheap postage stamp.I like the photo.Keep trying.Learn from your mistakes.

    I like your picture! It looks like a cold day. I am ready for warm weather pictures! I'm tired of COLD!

    I think its very good and restfull,Maybe a Cannon E,O,S,and a wide angle lens,Mamaya,??

    Take your photo to a local art gallery, first blow it up to a frame size likely to be hung in an office, etc.  My daughter did this, the guy was very critical, but in a good way.  He wanted more of a professional portfolio, with more of her work blown up.  Good luck. 


    Blow up that was a film .i belive,with David Hemmings playing the lead part,

    You just missed the dolphin, I was in the tent at the other side.



    the hecks hot linking?


    omg what?

    Tent??? what tent??? & isn't that a dolphin fin.Just above those 5 or 6 sticks in the foreground.

    Fins??? What fins???
    The tent is behind the camera that's in my left hand, no reverse gear on it Tom!

    The picture is hot linked. Meaning, they do not want it being used on other web sites. It's considered stealing by some owners of images when you use their pictures without permission.

    Nice Picture.

    Nice picture like the old saying practice practice I could not take very good one my self they were allways blurry or heads missing

    My only criteria for judging a photograph, is whether or not I can "feel" what the photograph is saying. I "feel" the cold. That is a positive aspect of any photograph, in my opinion.

    On the other hand, what do I know? I'm a "point and shoot" kind of photographer.        :)


    Try Putting your Top coat on Ducky,and then look at it,

    No, I just want to get back to the wood stove in the cabin. I'm freezing. :(

    Too much contrast but otherwise a stunning picture :)

    I love the picture and I collect art.  I do agree with woodside12 about smoother water.  It sort of reminds one of mud.  Is that the effect you desired regarding the water?  Once again its beautiful.

    its nice, but i think that there can be a picture with smoother water

    not bashing it

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