love potion #?

    if you were to invent love potion what would you use for ingredients

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    2 parts vodka, 1 part dry vermouth, shaken pour over ice.. 3 of these will usually do it but you gotta be quick because the love turns to headache really fast.

    ha ha. hardy har. ha ha ha. it has happened to me AND HOW.
    The Base notes - One part of him, one part of me.

    The Middle notes - One part of joy, one part of happiness.

    The Top notes - Is finished with love.

    Love potion #13!!!

    fresh spring rain. the laughter of a child . sands of time and a tear of regret.
    Nine. Sorry. Don't know the ingredients.

    MS. Sinclair I was singing it too.. LOL
    $$$$$. Amazing how many people love you if they think your loaded.

    that the way of the world
    A dash of pain, two teaspoons of feces, one left testicle, half a home, some prescriptions for bipolar disorder, three pounds of self respect, two expensive cars, hundreds of thousands of dollars, two expensive divorce lawyers, 1 judges robe, 12 custody hearings, two gold rings, many broken promises, a pinch of compromise, some blood, and a cup of flour and some wedding videos. That's about it, but I may have typed in the anti-love potion, instead of the love potion, sorry.

    Yep I was thinking the same thing that old song Love Potion No. 9 LOL


    a great fragrance for aman would be new car smell/tresury ink

    leather, huh?

    that and vocs
    A shot of Peace, a tad bit of love, stir in some happiness.

    Oh an a drop of faith.

    Some "flower", and "need" well. (wont need any dough as its often watery for most).

    But, that should do it!

    your sister,

    Cow dung.

    I can almost bet some strange person in this world would go for it too.
    pheromones ... the natural attractant ... you can't really smell it just sense it. it's what dogs exude when they're in heat. sound lovely, i know, i know.
    scientists are working on a new one called pherazone but the synthetic stuff has been around for at least 20 years.
    girls: if you don't want to spend the bucks, or you're not in a hurry ... just bake a pumpkin pie. (he will be yours)
    i'm married so i don't know what this strange interest of mine is all about. tsk.
    for your favorite cougar how about chocholate chip cookie dough and ky
    While in college, and in need of money for beer, we put together some spices and put them in gel capsules, and called it Spanish Fly. We sold them for $5.00 a piece. Many people came back for more. One guy said it didn't work, and we told him it had to be mixed in a chocolate malt. He turned out to be our best customer. Now I wish I remembered what the spices were!

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