how do i change mu fule pump in a 2005 hundi

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    Things You'll Need
    3/8-inch socket set
    Screwdriver set
    Safety glasses

    Locate the fuel pump access area on the Hyundai. It is not necessary to remove the fuel tank because Hyundai provides ease-of-access to remove and replace the pump. The access panel is under the back seat cushion or inside the trunk on the upper shelf. Remove the screws holding the panel in place. The top of the fuel pump is visible.

    Remove the fuel pump fuse, start the car and let it run until it stalls. This step removes all the fuel from the fuel lines and is necessary because if the fuel supply line is removed from the pump outlet--if it is pressurized--fuel will spray. The spray is highly volatile and harmful to clothing and skin. After the car stalls, remove the gas filler cap to relieve any vapor pressure that is built up inside of the tank. Disconnect the negative battery cable to avoid any potential sparks while working around gasoline.

    Wear safety glasses and remove the high-pressure fuel line. Older models will have a clamp that is unscrewed. Twist the fuel line after removing the clamp and pull the line off of the discharge port. Remove the return line hose clamp and hose, then unplug the electrical connector. Remove six mounting screws that attach the pump to the tank and lift the pump out of the opening. New style pumps follow much the same procedure, except the pressure line is a quick-connect style that is squeezed and pulled off the nozzle. A vapor hose is removed by loosening a clamp and pulling the hose off of the vapor port. The pump is then unplugged and a mounting ring is unscrewed (instead of mounting screws) that secures the pump to the tank. The pump is then lifted out of the tank.

    Install the new pump by following the reverse order of removal, however, a new gasket is installed on the older models and a new rubber seal is installed on the new style. Install the new gasket or seal and seat the pump into place. Secure it by tightening the six screws or threading the ring into place and snugging it down. Install the fuel lines and tighten the clamps. For the the new type, snap the fuel line into place until it clicks and locks. Attach the vapor hose on the new models as well. Plug the module in and test the installation by starting the car and checking for fuel leaks. If there are none, replace the access panel, or in some cases, the rear seat.

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