Libyans Retake Strategic City

    AJDABIYA, Libya – Libyan rebels clinched their hold on the east and seized back a key city on Saturday after decisive international airstrikes sent Moammar Gadhafi's forces into retreat, shedding their uniforms and ammunition as they fled.
    Ajdabiya's initial loss to Gadhafi may have ultimately been what saved the rebels from imminent defeat, propelling the U.S. and its allies to swiftly pull together the air campaign now crippling Gadhafi's military. Its recapture gives President Barack Obama a tangible victory just as he faces criticism for bringing the United States into yet another war.

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    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Hey Dear, nice information. I think it saved lives possible. TU!

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    Never forget Lockerbie


    Will remember always!!!

    Everything you stated above is correct to my knowledge. Even though it is now under NATO command and not the USA's, we still will be representing about 70% of the Allies assets. This Allied air strike was crucial b/c without it the people, or rebels, would not have gotting back this key city in Libya. Kadhafi 's military has a great advantage in heavy weapons and fire power. This attack did significant damage to the military advantage Kadhafi has, allowing the rebel forces to regain the city and saving many civilian lives in the process, I believe.


    I see your trip to Mexico was very fruitful, you come back here and you not taking no prisoners. Welcome back again, my friend!!!

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