Did Jesus have long hair and a beard

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    Who knows?  >

    "Jesus was a carpenter, he ate organic foods, he believed in love and peace and never wore no shoes, long hair beard and sandals and an funky bunch of friends, recon we just nail him up if he comes down again"  Kris Kristofferson

    the best idea we have of what he looks like is in the shroud of Turin.On that   image, he had moderately long hair, not touching his shoulders, and he had a beard and mustache.


    That shroud athough very old have been proven,that it was somwhat after Jesus,

    Whether he had long hair and a beard is irrelevant. Go after his message. It will do you good.

    Medium length hair and clean shaven.  

    well, tks for the responses interesting..some

      it's become an important question to me in my studies.His hands were like those of a carpenter I should think.i don't think he looked anything like the pictures we presently see.thanks to all who responded.

    The Iron Age started at about the time Jesus arrived, so it is very unlikely that He would have had a razor or scissors as these require steel, (iron plus carbon) and it is unlikely that technology was available to make them. It is also unlikely that in His carpenters shop He would have had steel tools, such as saws, chisels, plane irons etc. In fact it is very unlikely that He was a carpenter. It is probable He was a rabbi.

    So yes, He would have had long hair and a beard.


    Did they not have any Argos shops either??to buy a Remmiton razor,

    nom, his earthly father, Joseph, taught him his trade of carpentry. And Jesus worked at that until he was about 30 or 31.

    My cook Jesus also has a beard and long hair.

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