Is Dr. OZ smart or just talking?

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    Very smart medically, and was smart academically. Went to Harvard and has an M.B.A. from Wharton. Saved my cousin's life, performing a multiple bypass over 10 years ago; she's doing very well.He keeps an open mind and invites "experts" with different points of view on his show.

    He is very knowledgeable but not always correct, according to other "experts" in his same field.

    He has a big following and I think he provides a lot of medical information. I guess he would have to be smart as he has a medical degree.

    He has the Jack Nicholson eyebrows going on, huh?  As a MD, he must have great intelligence, however he may be somewhat unconventional, or weird to me...

    I have only watched him a few times and I was not impressed. I rather go on Dr. Mercolas Website. He is a weath of information.

    Sorry, never heard of him.

    I think he's a perfect example of a professor of doom and gloom.  Especially for women since 98% of his shows are related to women in general.   besides that, he looks like an elf to me.




    Vinny good points raised. Thanks.

    Never heard of the dalk,

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