Here's a list of even more ridiculousness.
    Here’s just a bit of the madness that has gripped the public school system:

    Earlier this month, a seven-year-old Maryland boy was suspended after he chewed a breakfast pastry into the general shape of a gun.

    In early February, a seven-year-old Colorado boy was suspended for tossing an imaginary grenade into an imaginary box filled with imaginary “evil forces,” violating school policy.

    Recently, an Illinois middle school student was ordered to turn his Marine Corps-themed t-shirt inside out due to the crossed rifles on the shirt.

    In Philadelphia, a fifth-grade girl was searched and called a “murderer” over a small piece of paper that had been torn into the general shape of a pistol.

    A five-year-old Pennsylvania girl was labeled a “terrorist threat” after telling another student she would shoot her with a Hello Kitty bubble gun.

    The son of actor Joseph C. Phillips was threatened with police action for showing friends a picture of an Airsoft BB gun he purchased with his own hard-earned money.

    Yes..that breakfast pastry was the Pop Tart. Perhaps Kelloggs was afraid that the Pop Tart would "shoot" more fruit than was actually in the Pop Tart! Perhaps there was a speed loader involved! Lol!!

    It's all gotten out of hand now. They are going to traumatize the kids if they don't knock it off.

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    What's next? A land mine doughnut? Good Grief!

    I remember when I actually gave some students who worked for me in the school dairy barn, pocket knives as a Christmas gift.  I felt it beat the alternative of having kids light the hay strings to break them, so they could feed out the hay.  Years later I put many curry combs around, so students could break strings with them.  I am glad to not be in the classroom anymore, I miss the kids, but not the bureaucrats! 

    God forbid!!! We need Mister Obama to add an amendment to the assault weapons ban to include pastry guns. What the hell is gonna happen when a 6 yr old is eating a bowl of Cheerio's In school and they form What "looks" like a gun?  I suppose they will suspend him/her too.. 


    Kids can no longer use their finger and thumb as a gun at school. No more shouting bang or making exploding noises, no more cops and robbers. This is where Obama's koolaid has led the school system. He continues to grandstand using dead children as his force behind his agenda to disarm america and brain wash kids into believing they will never need a personal protection weapon as an adult. Everything he is doing or attempting to do is straight out of Hilter's rule book on how to take over a nation and rule as supreme dictator. The liberals are swallowing the koolaid as fast as he can pour it out.

    This is hilarious but sadly so true considering what's going on right now.
     photo guncloud_zpsfb15a14f.jpg

    Here's another one 

    The Pasco School District has overturned the suspension of a 6-year-old boy who talked about his toy guns at school.

    Mike Aguirre's son Noah, a first-grader at James McGee Elementary School, was sent home Feb. 28 after another student told their teacher that Noah had a gun with him.

    Noah had no gun, toy or otherwise, but Aguirre said his son still was punished for talking with other students about the Nerf guns the family recently bought during a trip to Lincoln City, Ore.

    Aguirre said he and his wife were told their son was suspended for talking about guns at school, and because the girl who reported him felt her "health and safety were threatened" when they were called to the school last week. Officials said the issue is addressed in the district's discipline handbook in the section on student rights and responsibilities. 

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    My sister tried to raise her sons gun free but said, "What's the point, they'll just pick up a stick and shoot it....." I love to shoot guns.....

    It is an exercise in, “How Petty Can You Be?” Reality is not involved, only implication. Thought control comes next and thought readers who exercise their judgment upon all to enforce appropriate thinking with divine authority and “treat” all potential criminals with drugs to help the poor dears at least not think of violence, but walk around doing their jobs in a zombie like state, incapable of objecting to being given, by our very own Chairman, his hypnotically induced a-tune-ment. There now, don’t we all just love and adore our Chairman who attends to our happiness and peace and sees to our every need?      


    To your question, no. I do not need the socialist dictator seeing to my every need.

    Colleen, North Korea is so ruled.

    I do not live in North Korea and I do not want to feel like I live there.

    Then make it a laughing stock. Progressional stupidity is born of taking petty BS seriously rather than recognising the hysterical blindness of the moment as a trifling mole hill. My answer simply links from a trifling incident progression-ally linked to the extreme form. I wrote this to express the world through rose colored glasses. I am sorry that you did not see my humorous intent in following the event in an expanded form.

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