I would like to get my radio talk show on this site!

    There is simply no better way to learn about and experience unfamiliar cultures around the world than as an enthusiastically engaged tourist. Daniel’s tourism show will not only be an ideal listening venue for the armchair traveler but will also encourage reluctant travelers to leave their armchairs and become on-the-go tourists themselves by providing comprehensive information and useful tips on where and how to plan vacations.

    Each show will concentrate on a specific foreign destination and will include interviews with both locals and experts. Show segments will focus on such topics as cultural, historical, and religious influences, unique traditions and customs, local business practices (including investment opportunities – or the lack thereof), and relevant political states of affairs.

    Most importantly, the show will highlight available

    recreational opportunities, both well known and obscure – in other words, where to go and what to see.

    This hour-long travel show will air weekly on Adrenaline Radio which can be accessed on their website,, or on AM1680, a worldwide web- based station. 

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    This is a Question/Answer site, Not a radio site to be, for any length of time.

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