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    if you commit a minor health and safety breach,, you are suspended for up to 28 days on death row while they decide your penalty,,,is it like that in your workplace????????

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    G'Day Terry, it seems to me archaic, do you work for the Govt., in my own work place, what ever the incident this would have been settled very quickly with either dismissal or reprimand, if you feel you are being unfairly delt with there is always Fair Work Australia which handles these situations, Good Luck.

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    hi mate, no i do not work in government,i work for a food chain,in the last month we have had 6 workers suspended,the combined employment time for the company is 117 years,,,gotta be worth something,,the union seems to have lost most of its power,,however should i lose my job,,i will try fair work australia,,i would not expect to much fairness there however,, thanks for your advice bulletman. later mate
    terryfossil 1

    i hope your advice is solid bulletman..because i have now got the bullet and i am going to try your advice,i front up to fair work australia in august,i will find out how fair they are then,let you know how it pans out ,,,catch you later.......

    G'day Terry. by any chance you not a member of the A.M.W.U. Good luck in August.
    terryfossil 1

    no bulletman,,,S D distributive allied employees idea if they are any better than any other..thanks for chatten mate..

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