Our son has always been a wonderful person, recently hook up with a bunch of gutter, people who do nothing but drink, so therefore he does the same thing, disrespecting his mother, so I speak to my husband who refuses to talk with him about his drinking problem or addressing anything for that matter, he just shuts down period leaving me as usual to deal with uncomfortable things at hand. when his buddy's or step mom put me down he has no balls when it comes to standing up for me i've been dealin

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    I know it is hard to watch those we love crash, in the middle of their made-up reality of inexplicable pain and ego madness. Those who can’t see the harm they are inflicting on themselves and others need a wake-up call. If my son was doing that I would go to a drug and alcohol abuse councilor to see what options you may have to get him into a the system. If he is way out of line drug and alcohol abuse counselors can really help.     


    Yep thats my next step to find Al-Anon, but u can lead a horse to water but, not make them drink. my father & brother both alcohlics abusive & I refuse to drink period & don't just for the very reason knowing how it rips families apart & this is just the start of it as I have indicated to our son. he's 41 a grown man making some poor poor choices in my book & nothin can i do to make him see it thanks again for your time

    Tell him that he either needs to start respecting, supporting and appreciating you or you are out of his life.As for your son, if he is an adult, there is not much you can do about his choice of friends.


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    Yep, I've done both, just a shame how booze changes a person & sad part is he's our only son & we were so very close & now he doesn't even call to see if we are dead or alive . Thanks for your support appreciate it, i'm feeling very empty & lost. Thanks so much for your time ;~)

    It's really tough being a parent sometimes, you need your husbands support, which you don't seem to be getting. You can only keep trying to talk to them both, tell them how you feel, and hope that your son see's sence before he gets himself into serious trouble.

    Tell the husband that this IS a big deal, and that HE needs to step up and be a parent, for you sons' benefit, and that of the husbands "romantic future"!  wink, wink...


    The son's 41yrs old, he should know better.

    And they never do!!

    Why not Don? If a woman is not happy with the man, she's not going to want to have sex with him anyway.

    Like men don't?

    And you keep him as your husband why?  


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    Slaps4: I ask myself that every day, with having no where to go & not going to give up all I've work to acheive . He's a great guy hard working, caring but has no cahoona's when it comes to addressing issues @ hand, he won't even go to see a shink which I have done. I think he's to afraid they are going to put him in a mental hosptial. Yep I have to say i'm very sick of it he thinks everything is funny & never sticks up for me when i bring it to his attention, he just shuts down and says nothing. Going to go address legal seperation I think. Thanks for your comment nothing I haven't heard before.

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