99 f250 stuck in 4x4

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    If you have not tried this already, give it a shot. It's one of the tricks for getting a vehicle that is stuck in 3 wheel drive out of 4 wheel drive. Set the truck for 2 wheel drive then drive it backwards for 10 - 20 feet. Give it a little gas. Don't floor it but give it a little speed. As soon as you stop, toss it in forward gear and  quickly drive 10-20 feet forward. If it does not work right away, try it a few times. The servo will stop trying after a bit so. Put the switch back in 4x4, wait a minute, and then try again. With the truck in 4x4, you're going to try and "bounce" the drivetrain, while trying to get it out of 4x4. Meaning, change the setting from 4x4 to 4x2 as you are backing up and quickly go from reverse to drive, and back again, back and forth. If these attempt fail, then you have a bad servo and need to replace it. 

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