how do i download google play to my desktop???

    How to get google play app store on my desk top?


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    On your computer (from

    Free Apps

    Navigate to an app you want to install and click to select it. You can read more details about the app, including its features, customer reviews, and information about the developer.
    To download the app to your device, click the Install button.
    Select the device on which you’d like to install the app through the drop-down menu.
    Device grayed out on the drop-down menu?
    Getting the error "You haven’t accessed the Google Play Store app (the white shopping bag app icon) on your device with this email account"?
    Click Install to accept the permissions for the app (or click Cancel if you don’t want to download the app). If you have a strong Wi-Fi or network (3G/4G) connection on your selected device, you'll see the app begin to download immediately.

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