In South Carolina, Can a 17 year old who's parent who left to move to another state...Make her at the age of 17 become emanipated because she has a 2yr. and is pregnent with the second ... leave her to make find her own apartment ....and she only gets $117.00 AFDC....This child is not stable and she has moved several times in the past 4 months and can't finish school, because she is so far behind...what can she do?

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    No. This is not a state law, it is a federal law. Her parents are responsible for her until the age if 18 years old. They are not, however responsible for her children. If her parents take off on her, they could be arrested for child abandonment if they leave her with no home or no means to take care of herself, again, excluding her children. 

    Now it does sound like she took off on the parents. That was her choice and she needs to own up to her choice. What she can do is settle down, get a job, make the father/s of her children pay their share in child support and try to make amends with her parents. 

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