Octomom not only makes lots of babies, she also bakes marijuana cookies! Thoughts?

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    I might have to "self medicate" with 8 kids the same age in my home.


    You know how a litter of pups or kits can be ! LOL:)

    Octomom does a lot of things to get noticed.

    It's a medicinal use, prescribed just like any other medicine...and I highly doubt a little pot in a cookie is going to render anyone unable to function. In all truthfullness, it is probably a whole lot safer than prescribed narcotics. It really is, and anyone saying it isn't...quite obviously don't know what the heck they are talking about.

    While laws have changed, there are bound to be those who haven't changed their views regarding it as a medicine, and not an illegal drug anymore. Next the newspapers will play upon those old prejudices...and instantaneously they have a hot story.

    The question that comes to mind with me is, how is it that the newspaper running the story disclosed that someone had revealed that fact to them. That is confidential medical records for which the disclosing source of that information should be fired immediately...and without any question as to why. The general public has absolutely no right to the information contained within her medical records. It was wrong for that newspaper to run that story, and I hope she sues them for revealing such according to laws in this country, it was illegally gained information!  


    If her kids get into them, they can get sick.

    Like any other medicine, it shouldn't be left out for kids to have access to it. No one would leave other prescribed medicines around for the kids to get into would they? I hope not. If it is a prescribed medicine, than it requires being handled as such.

    Back in the old days we made marijuana brownies The recipe made some highly intoxicating goodies! We would take these to concerts and eat them and be high as kites! Don't know about the  THC content of todays drugs. The brownies prevented getting escorted out or to jail!

    Far out

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