what is the difference between modern day nursing education and the old hospital based training model?

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    The older type of nurseing ,had  a  better  amount of {caring,}as a guideline,

    Healthcare has changed over the years. We now have PA's and APRN's to help with the caseload that doctors used to deal with. An RN has more training than years past and LPN's are being fazed out. CNA's or PCT's are doing more of the work that the nurses used to do. Technology has changed and nurses are required to be more educated than ever before. To me, the bigger problem has to do with "the suits", that make medical decisions without having a medical background. They are more worried about time management than the patient, and tracking how many patients are seen in an hour. Billable hours and the bottom line are what they worry about most. It's not about the patient care to them. I know a lot of older nurses who are leaving healthcare, based on these very issues. Sad for everyone concerned.

    Here, a person can become a registered nurse via the community college program or the CSU program, where a Bachelor of Science is also earned. 

    My mom was a registered nurse in the 1940's. She lived at St. Luke's Hospital in Newburgh NY and used to sit in a dry bathtub in the middle of the night with a flashlight, studying chemistry.  Married women were not likely to become nurses; one student became engaged and quit school. My mom became a registered nurse with no college credit whatsoever...the entire focus was on becoming an R.N.


    We could do with more like your Mum ,Bob,

    She was all business and not much compassion. I have a couple of friends who are R.N. and they have the compassion, making them better in my eyes. I've seen some real losers lately, particularly when my grandson was in hospital for his first month.
    Best avoid hospitals if you can

    Yes Miss Bob without compassion,nursing means nothing ,to those in pain or suffering,

    the nurses that come out of school nowdays, don't know how to give a back rub,  a bed bath,or change a bed with a person in it.    When I was an LPN, I was told the best nurses are the ones that were trained in a hospital.......not in a college. It used to be a 3 year program .


    Oh so true M/C/M,the old days in a lot of ways wewre better,

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