Have you seen the story on the budget cut deal? The 38 billion is only 352 Million this year.

    One of the things that was included as a budget cut was the excess money left over from the 2010 census....

    It was a big load of political crap handed to the public. Check out the story on

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    So if the government completely stopped spending a dime, If they paid 100 million a day, it would take them 379 years to pay off the country's debt..........................HOLLY COW....
    I think overtime it will amount to more, but they still made it seem like it was such a great thing? I agree that democrats and republicans are basically,"two different colors of the same old dog."

    I can't believe how much these politicians are getting away with? What the heck is going on in Washington? I think they are trying to keep the people from getting out into the streets in protest.

    This is just another case of adding insult to injury!!!

    thats what drives me crazy when somebody comes on here raving about one of the two flash 95% CROOKED BASTARDS IN BOTH PARTIES

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