In your life, what is the best?

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    Good question. I hope I didn;t give you a TD. Let me know and I will correct it. K?

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    My sanity.............


    I think I lost mine awhile back

    We can hunt together!

    "A hunting we will go. A hunting we will go ... we'll catch ... Uh ... somet hing.

    Hi Lamb. How are you doing ? Haven't seen you in awhile.Glad you're back . Come back more often.

    Hi ho the cer-re-bral
    a hunting we will go!

    figtree, hmmm. I thought it was "High ho the derry oh, a hunting we will go." Interesting that we have different versions.

    Yours is simpler. Let's stick with that one.

    These are my best ever....


    My girls !


    WOW! That's nice Lindy.

    It's our old place at Wall Beach in Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island....I can't look at this pic too long as I miss it there so very much..

    I can see why you would miss it.Very peaceful.:)

    Good photography

    Beautiful girls.

    Taken on an iphone mcm!
    And thank you itsmee...they are my very best ! ;)


    My grand kids.They are the most precious thing I have these days.


    sooooooooooooooo cute

    They're precious

    They are like mine!!!! Is the baby a boy? I have three girls.

    Of course the baby is a boy. Duh. I can tell by that little nose. He looks like you. Handsome dude.
    Your girls look soooo sweet. Mine are on the tart side.

    The baby is a boy.But... he's a great nephew not a grandson. The girls are mine.My pride & joy.I love to show them off.

    Slow down ladies!
    No need for a grandson quite yet eh, Tommy?
    Are you O.K. :0

    More than OK Figgy.I'm great.I couldn't have cared less about the gender of those 2 kids when they were born.They wre strong & healthy & so was their mum.(My daughter).That's all I cared about.I thank my daughter every day for them.

    remaining sober for 30 years,,without which i would not have my wife,,,


    good job, terry :-)

    Health 1st, every else follows.


    that's for sure, Pet.

    my house/ home.  It was paid for when Joe unexpectedly died in 2000, We both worked hard to pay for it. If it wasn't paid for , I might have lost my home, when he died.!  Home, Sweet Home.

      And I'm blessed that I have my three  cuddly 4-legged children  :-)


    Security is important; I'm glad you feel secure.

    You are so darn cute. You could have a two-legged man if you should so wish.
    I think cats are great. My grandaughter went to Australia with her parents. Her cat got REALLY sick and almost died. Chelsea had to rush home to try to save her cat. The cat couldn't even stand and the vet thought it best to put the cat down. Chelsea, age 18, said "NO!" She cared for her cat at her friend's house. Cat is fine. Just fine. Met her on Skype just the other day.

    I left something out, Juliana. My grandaughter flew from Australia back to Florida -22 hours and lots of $$$.

    my freinds my family my work and myself

    my family and my friends...

    family,friends,god(obviously),my guardian angel,my education,college and MEEEEEEE :)


    and more!...

    My cats. I have just dropped them off at the cattery , where they are staying for the week, while we spend a few days visiting some friends in France, we will miss them , it's really hard leaving them.


    Have a good time Dave, ENJOY, the cats will be fine.

    Thanks Roy, they are safe in the cattery away from the roads etc. They are probably twisting the girls who look after them round their paws already, cats have a habit of doing that.

    Enjoy your trip. Be safe. If your cats are like mine, they will be happy to see you return.

    It’s rough leaving a pet. I did for 4 days and thought my roommate would die from mourning. The cats didn’t even know we were gone I don’t think…….

    It's different, I think, when they have companionship. Ashley (the puppy) is absolutely thrilled to see anyone. Dieszal follows me everywhere (even waits outside the shower, IN the bathroom), and Peanut seeks out my lap. They aren't that fond of each other, so I'm their main squeeze! :D

    Dont get carried away with those slot machines on Southend pier sunnyB,

    My boy cat looks at my with big, sad, eyes everytime I leave to go out the back door :-(
    I swear he hears my car coming down the street, b/c he sits in which ever side of the bay window I'm coming from , and watches me drive up.

    I'll try to resist Dennis,

    I think our cats know more about us than we realise, mcm

    My love, partner, and other half, my rock that I can always depend on, I love her so much. Our 36th. anniversary is coming up on March 31st.Life is fine as long as Margaret and I are both in it and together and making love as often as possible.



    They are complicated, Bob. Today I think I want to be a hermit. Yes. I think it's this town.

    Relationships ARE complicated, which makes the successful ones all the more valuable. I mean spiritually as well as with other persons, of course, and my pets.

    Peeve, our female cat, has fallen in love with my husband. She has taken to sleeping on his side. When he leans back in his chair she hops up on his chest and tries to touch his lips with her paw. (Ugh ugh ugh) He asked me this AM if he should put rubbing alcohol on his lips.
    "It's better than bleach," I said.
    Anyway, I'm almost jealous. Almost. : )

    It's nice to not have the cat crowding your space! Peanut takes her half out of the middle, but she sure is a sweetheart.
    It's probably time hubby got a bit of attention from the cat, right? :D
    Enjoy your freedom!

    My life here has been and continues to be wonderful.  My hindsight is 20/20 looking back through time over my collective observations and events throughout my history. I never agreed to accept life birth as a new event where the past is forgotten and forgiven. I choose to remember all of my past...and I do. That is a choice I have chosen to continue to live with and have for a very long time. Best choice I ever made.  

    my family and my love are the best 

    My Best :)

    My man, my kids, and my four grand daughters.

    The slowly opening doors :)



    Are you a poet, figtree?

    I do dabble. Love to create by writing.

    Me too. I grew out of it but maybe it's coming back ... dunno.
    when i was born..............

    my family and my thoughts are best in my life

    Thanks Bob, yes the cats are always pleased to come home again, they go round the house meoing for hours when we collect them back home.


    Oh, this should be a comment to my answer .

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