i must say- i found this site by accident & i'm Real tired but wanted to say this is pretty cool? I normally use for everything. Does anyone know how this site started & wut Karma is about? Sry I'm sorta done with searching for answers today:) lol

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    so would this be a good site to locate a 'hit man" for my ex who embezzled $7 plus Million from our hotel in Fl opening 28 accounts in Greece,some even in MY Name ONLY using MY tax #, Found it all only to 5 yrs later :( find out he bought MY attorney off & slept w/ the Judge hearing our case, so I wrked ALL my adult life, 18 hr days 7 dys wk, home schooled our son, to get kicked to curb for younger, "Unbroken"model:( POINT- Thats why i'm tired.I had to open e bay store n sell all my stuff to pay my bills while he sits in our custom build MANSION in the Greek Islands??/! OR maybe this would be a good site to locate someone,"Ghost writer" for my Book, although used to be a Book, n book material, Now its a Freakin Movie " Mini series"!!hahahahaha

    Please use the comment section (this blue area) to add to your question, thanks and welcome to the forum.

    To answer your question, no, this is not a good place to hire a hit man. You should hire a male attorney and go after your ex husband for monies owned.

    haha, Yeah? U thnk? , I been doin that 5 yrs, & $198,000.00 ago? It truly is so Bazaar, & a " Only ME" type of situation? I'm now tapped out Fund wise, from hiring idiots that messed me over,& exhausted,both mentally & physically-. The ONLY thing I did RIGHT in my 19 yrs of marriage to thsi horrible person that I could not even dream up the horrible aweful things he did. I insisted on houses in Greece be placed Half in my name- so 50% of 1- $4 Mil Villa & 50% of $300 K Villa is mine, BUT!. To force the sale in Greek courts? Yeah? I've already spent $30 K with attorney in Athens n havent had One hearing??? Just gets to point, that I'm exausted with fighting, nor do I have funds anymore to continue. I've already basica;lly given up 5 yrs of my life tryin to Just be OK & be "fair", and that didn't wrk out too well, so when do you wake up n say, OK, hey, screw it. I have to get on with my life in a different means or way, cuz this way sure isn't wrkin, u no? I have ability to attract the biggest, dishonest attorney that are out there? N I have proof of all I'm sayin? I have letters from my ex to MY divorce attorney? unreal? But I've shuffled paper had 4 copiers going in my house for yrs, n prolly have more than $5,000.00 just in INK! :( NJ, I'm just tired,& looks like goin nowhere & no one is actually helpin me, just drainin me, of more $. I absolutely HATE the UNITED STATES!!! Ok, sry bout that , lol, vented a lil, huh??? ;0 hahaha

    Don't hate a country just because of the lawyers in it. This all falls on you. You married him. Get him to buy out the other 1/2 of the villas you were able to get in your name.

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    Just wanted to say, r make th comment, so u don't thnk I'm nuts.Well actually I may be nuts , BUT, reason I vented like that, is because I'm so very angry at myself to be in position I'm in right now, like literally, stayin up for 3 days , auctioning off my possessions just to buy myself food :( because I trusted someone I was married to for almost 20 yrs, wut an idiot am I. so when I am forced to do this type of thing, How do I NOT thnk of My WONDERFUL ex who placed me in this position? No wut Mean? anyway , That was reason for that Outburst, lmao!!!!!! Plus I'm lil Punch drunk? over tired,:( hahahaha ciao

    i do have 4-5 auctions ending any minute, I apprciate the nice " Welcome from you guys out there that "welcomed me" lol. that was nice , :) I will have t stop bck in here when I have sometime. I really do appreciate the help , ramos! :) with the watch site:) will take long, BUT I can least locate now. Thanks so much n good day to ALL, ciao for now

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    Check the links at the bottom of the page, just scroll down and find out about akaQA.

    And a big welcome to you.

    akaQA will celebrate it's second anniversary in March. As for karma, it is something the users earn by asking or answering questions. When other members vote up their questions or answers, the karma count goes up. It's simply a point system. 


    thank you for that :) Was much easier than tryin to locate that info, when my eyes r half open anyway :( So you & most everyone on here in in UK? fr wut I'm gathering at least so far?

    No, we are from all over the world. I live in the USA. We have members from Canada, Australia, of course the UK, and lot of people from Europe but they mainly speak their own language.

    Stick around. The advice you get may or may not be helpful to you but it is usually well-intentioned.

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