is the so caled soul real???

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    The soul, in many mythological, religious, philosophical, and psychological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a person, living thing, or object. According to some religions (including the Abrahamic religions in most of their forms), souls—or at least immortal souls capable of union with the divine—belong only to human beings. For example, the Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas attributed "soul" (anima) to all organisms but taught that only human souls are immortal.Other religions (most notably Jainism) teach that all biological organisms have souls, and others further still that even non-biological entities (such as rivers and mountains) possess souls. This latter belief is called animism. Anima mundi and the Dharmic ?tman are concepts of a "world soul."



    Yes soul is real. It is there when you are alive and gone when you are dead. So it is real but not physical since it is spirit.  You can't see air but it's there!

    I certainly hope so. I pray.........

    I’ve never seen one. I wish I had the correct answer for that.  Some others do.

    i think its real



    if im wrong i dont care so mush i think lol

    You are the soul you are a living soul with the breathe of life in you according to the Holy Bible .Not to be confused with the spirit in man. for further information go to www,peterjames,com and find a broader answer with all Bible references either audio of video sercher 70


    A book?
    You're kidding me huh?

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