Do you believe in paradise, if yes why ?

    Sometime i say exist sometime i say don`t exist.

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    I believe that paradise (or heaven) is a promise that most of the major religions hold over people to make them conform to their way of thinking. I don't need that promise to make me behave.I know the difference between right & wrong & I behave accordingly.


    It's great you know the difference between right and wrong and will make the right choices. It may appear as promise, but it basically asks you to conduct yourself righteously.

    Here`s hoping!;-)

    I do Tony Bennet,says its well o/k,

    I think it would be great to believe in a Paradise that I can look forward to at the end of my living days.  I just don't. Do you? (You asked the question so I'll have to assume that you don't know. ) The thing is ... You know as as much as I do. 


    itsmee, you have to earn paradise thru your deeds on earth.

    Your conduct and doing the right things for youself, family and others is what will decide paradise and hell. Truth, sometimes difficult, will ultimately help. So yes I do believe in paradise and hell. It almost seems logical because you can't be rewarded being a bad person.


    According to Christian belief (and probably Muslim), a bad person who confesses their sins on their death-bed can enter paradise, so it hardly seems worthwhile being virtuous during life if you can cancel all your sins at the end.

    nomdeplume, I don,t agree. If I commit a sin by harming you, ONLY YOU, NOT GOD can forgive. Sins against GOD yes HE will forgive if you sincerely repent. On the otherhand, if I ask you to forgive me and you don't, it is no longer a sin. To forgive is Divine!
    So God is just and will reward the GOOD and PUNISH the BAD.

    The original Paradise for mankind was on earth. In Psalm 115:16 It states To God the heavens belong, but the earth he has given to sons of man.
    Psalm 37:29, The rightous themselves will posess the earth and they will forever reside upon it.:


    I do not agree. Earth is where we were placed so that we might learn to appreciate the paradise we once had. We were taken from paradise and put here because in paradise we became whiny demanders and were not appreciating paradise. I would never want to forever reside on this earth.

    The Bible prophesies describe a future in which humans will enjoy Paradise restored, not the way the Planet is in its present state.

    We are entering 1000 years of peace. This will be as close as we get to the paintings of Eden or the words of the bible. This does not mean all will be perfect like Eden. We have a whole lot of crap to get through yet before the 1000 years of peace however.

    Colleen, where did you get the 1000 years number from? Whatever the number, do you see any signs of peace anywhere including within? We have a lot of work to do ! Paradise and Peace are to be earned. They won't be granted on a platter.

    I never said it would be simply granted. What we are going through right now and what will come in the near future will be our test. If we get through it all they way we should, we will get the 1000 years of peace. Watch and learn. If you are open enough, you will see it all happen. It's happening now. We are in the beginning phases.

    Colleen you did not answer where you got the 1000 year number and how authentic it is. Why not 999 or 1001? 2. and where do you see the signs of peace besides graffity?

    How I know is not something I can share with you. The coming time will tell you if I am right or wrong.
    I think you meant, graffiti.

    Colleen what are the impediments to sharing.? Obviously it can't be a secret since you know it. Any way you might as well have not said this 1000 year....

    It's there for even you to know. It's not my place to guide you to something you may not be ready for yet. That is the job of the spiritual masters. 1000 years of peace. That is what we are entering into. We just have to get through all the stuff that is coming first. Be prepared to witness the collapse of a religion. When that happens, that will be one point to show you I know what I speak of.

    Colleen, sounds like the end of the world in 2012 that didn't happen but you are free to think and believe what suits you. So I wish you well.

    Where have I said the world will end? It's all up hill soon. I can't help the fact people are so hung up on doom and gloom they put all their fear into a calendar from centuries ago. And yes, of course, I am free to believe the truth and so I do.

    Yes, I believe in Paradise. The definition of Paradise is a beautiful park, or a parklike garden.

    As a Bible Student I find that the Bible refers to Paradise as a cleansed earth, free from pollution, war, crime, violence, poverty, hunger and greed. Even sickness will be unheard of.

    Interestingly, many Bible passages about Paradise are simply descriptions of life on earth. For example, a prophecy of Isaiah states: "They will certainly build houses and have occupancy; and they will certainly plant vineyards and eat their fruitage." (Isaiah 65:21) Where are houses built and vineyards planted? Where is fruit eaten? On the earth. Proverbs 2:21 explicitly states: "The upright are the ones that will reside in the earth."


    It is the soul/spirit we are talking about. The body returns to dust. So thinking of paradise in physical terms may not be right. It has to be something other than PARK ETC.

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    True the body does go back to dust. But for those who have died, the Bible talks of a resurrection to the earth, given a new body. Jesus was given a new body when he was resurrected. However the resurrected person will be recognisable because of his characteristics. If God could create a body it would be no problem to give a dead person a new body.

    Butterflies61. First thx to Colleen for correction. Now you are talking about human form again (physical) No one has any idea what the age level will be. Yes God can give physical form back but for what purpose? So think spirit which is eternal.

    Sorry Colleen, I am still new to this site and I keep forgetting.
    Will try and remember for future.

    Sawali@ No we have no idea at what age level. But the Bible does give a lot of information if you study it carefully. I am a Bible Student and read it a lot. Faith is also involved. The apostle Paul said that faith is the assured expectation of things not beheld.
    The purpose of the physical body is because when God created the heavens and the earth, the heavens he filled with spiritual creatures. He then said that the earth was for man to live. Physical creatures cannnot dwell in heaven.

    Physical bodies, not creatures. Soul swells in heaven but uses a physical body to dwell on earth. The body is not alive unless there is Soul in it. There are no creatures in heaven. Just Souls. There are Souls in physical bodies on earth.

    Read the Lord's Prayer and note where is states:  On earth as it is in Heaven. Paradise will be on earth....

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