How to make peace with my sister and her family who are involved in a cult-like religion and are convinced I'm going to be "left behind".

    Religion provides protection to them all for past actions within the family. But, my son and I are subjected to judgment and claims we won't see our loved ones in heaven because our spiritual/religious beliefs are not completely in accordance with theirs. I told my sister in November that i could no longer tolerate her judgements of me or her exclusive, and thus violent, crazy religious beliefs being imposed on me. We haven't talked since then. I want her in my life but without the religion and judgements.

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    You will not be able to have her in your life the way you want as long as she is involved in that religion. There will be no peace making unless you agree to join. Your sister is in a bully religion and it is making her a bully too. Is that truly someone you want in your life? In your son's life? Let her go and move on. Our true family is not the one we are born into, it's the one we create throughout our life. 

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