Can any body tell me the risks of a person over the age of 66 being a first time Blood Donor?

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     In my hospital experiences ...for what reason do you want to do this? You should first consider your own state of health before even to think of this donation! Due to circulatory issues at our age you should seriously reconsider this.It takes us up to two weeks to reconstitute the blood you have donated.With your health not an issue and for the scarcity of blood type you need all that you have.Perhaps.God forbid  ........" YOU"? might need it sooner than you think.May God blaze your path.

    biker chic

    I value your answer! Thank you so much. I am a healthy and fit 67 year old woman.I look and feel younger than my years.And I value my health.the reason I have been wanting to do this is my lovely Daughter has recently had six lots of cheemo and some opperations.she was given blood Transfusions.and i feel the need to give some thing back and help others today i have been refused as a Blood Donor.I was informed the cut off age for first time Donors is 66.So thats me out of it. The cut off age for a person who has Donated Blood before no matter how lond ago is 70.Thank you for your reply. God Bless.


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