King James Version: 1Timothy 2:5 "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ." So if there is only "one mediator", then why do Catholics pray to Mary and Angels?

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    Because they have their own version of the religion. Please respect that all religions have their own beliefs and ways. There should be no competition between religions and no set up questions to cause it.  Each religion serves it's own purpose in this world. 

    they shouldn't pray to Mary, the angels, and the saints, b/c it's not scriptural. It's not what and how Jesus taught us to pray . He told us a lot about heaven and how to pray , and that the Father likes for us to come into His prescence.........Just like you like your children to come into your presence.

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    ahhh MCM you are not just a pretty face...................

    I'm not Catholic, but I think that faith has saints for many aspects of life. Pray to the saint who takes it under consideration?  Why do Catholics confess to a priest instead of directly to God? 

    It is the hierarchy of the way the faith was structured.

    I think most religions have too much human influence/interference nowadays. However, I am not going to get in anyone's face about faith, and appreciate people allowing me to enjoy my faith.

    because they believe that Mary is the mother of Jesus but! it is wrong! Mary is only a instrument of God to has a mediator between Christ and persons,and they pray to the angel because of their superstitious believes that angel did protect them from the made of devil but i dont believe it!!!

    we don't pray to Mary and angels we pray to God but we ask them to intercede for us. You cant meet a president directly you have to meet a secretary. it is a hierarchy
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    No where in the bible does it say angels and mary intercede for you,,but it does say,Jesus is the bridge to God,,All the best Slim

    King James Version: 1Timothy 2:5 "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ." So if there is only "one mediator", then why do Catholics pray to Mary and Angels?

    Catholics are not the only ones that pray to Mary the Saints and the Angels.  But remember that the prayers start with ''In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and from then on continue to pray to other Saints. Angels and the Holy Mother. 

    The Holy Mother and the Saints answer people's prayers and do miracles. They heal people. I personally have had this experience comunicating with them under hypnosis. They also appear to people in dreams and people have seen visions of them as well.


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    non dieu , dit qu il ne faut pas  vénérer marie car apres la naissance de jesus maire été une femme comme les autres , de plus  les anges non plus ne son pas vénérer , il son la juste pour aider dieu dans son amour pour nous , marie a été choisie par dieu lui mème parcequ il a vue en elle quelle été une femme qui aimé dieu de tout son coeur elle été droite dans sa vie elle ne péché pas contre dieu alore dieu a vue son coeur et la choisie comme la maman de jesus mes apres cela elle été une femme comme les autres !


    translation ?

    They are Saints. Trinity= Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Just Have Faith and Believe, therfore, see you up North??


    il faut marché par la foi non par la vue dit dieu dans la bible ! toute ses choses que vous croier , nexiste pas comme la trinité , lenfer , la priere model que jesus nous a laisser et celle ci , notre pere qui et dans les cieux que ton nom soie sinctifier , que ton règne vienne que ta volonté ce face dans la terre comme dans le ciel , ect !! et il dit a la fin au nom du pere du fils et de lesprie saint mes sai tu vraiment le sens de cette priere je croie que non ! et bien voila ! quand il dit que ton nom soie senctifier ce la veu dire que son nom soi reconue par toute la terre !que ton règne vienne veu dire ce quil va faire pour lavenir sur terre il va instorer une nouvelle terre a savoir que le mal ne sera plus , et que ta volonté ce face sur la terre comme dans le ciel veu dire que nous feson ce quil nous dit sai faire sa volonté ! et il dit a la fin au nom du pere du fils et de lesprit saint , sa aussi a un sens , va veu dire que le pere sai dieu , les fils sai jesus , et lesprit saint sai la force de dieu qui et sur nous quand on lui demande ! voila alore il faut sa voir décortiqué un mot avant de le dire bayee !!!

    The Bible say we're all saints

    and there lay's the question of the year,,and you are right,and the scripture you showed is directly from the same bible the catholics have,no mention of Mary or of angles,,you have to remember, catholics originated as roman catholics,,romans were heathen not christian,,roman"s back then killed Christians and fed them to the lions,,,however when they killed Jesus under the permission of the jews,,however as christ died,,some of the romans looked up at Jesus in awe and said"truly this is the son of God,,hence was born the roman cathlolics,,so they stick to some of Jesus's teachings,,and they added a few of their own,,,i once said to a catholic friend,,why do you call Mary the virgin Mary,,when she had sons and daughters after the birth of Jesus,,she said to me ..where did i read that,i told her it was in Mathew,,she then said to me ,she was going home and rip that page out of her bible,,,go figure that one out,,,,,,,,,nice talking Parolee


    I believe Romans were first Christianized by Emperor Constantine.
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    Hey Bob,how and why did Constantine become Christian..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    i am happy to see that jesus was aman.


    He said he was the Son of Man (Mark 14:61) whatever that means.
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    Only man that rose from the ground,,all the rest are still in the ground.......Kinda makes him different don't you think.................

    Don't understand, Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary; the only one who came from the ground was Adam.
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    Hey Nom,,Adam was created from dust,,Jesus rose from the ground,as in grave,,and then he rose from the ground to heaven,,,Kinda makes him different don't you think....

    Fair enough, He's differrent.

    God said, This is my son, whom I am well pleased with and proud of .

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