For years I had been reading the Zondervan NIV Study Bible until it was pointed out that it is not a complete bible as it has many verses missing. Here are a few of them: Acts 8:37, Ac15:34, Ac24:7, Ac 28:29, Matt: 17:21, Matt 18: 11, Matt: 23:14, Mk: 7:16, Mk 9:44, Mk 9:46, Mk: 11:26, Mk 15:28, Lk 17:36, Lk 23:17, Jn 5:4, Romans 16:24, 2Timothy 3:16. I was told the King James Version is the only complete version. Is this true of false?

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    That's scary that the modern bibles have twisted God's word around and left out some very important passages.The King James is the closest translation to the original Hebrew bible.

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    They are all books written and translated by man, go with the "whatever floats your boat" philosophy, if you want a good fiction fact writer I recommend Wilbur Smith.

    Let's put it this way .............The modern bible is not a translation of the King James, as they claim. It is   a paraphrase-- and they leave out major phrases and words. They change the wording too, of what Jesus actually said. They give  you the false impression of what the Bible says. The King James supposedly sticks to the true wording of the old greek and hebrew of which the bible was written.

    Learn Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek in the ancient languages, then you will be reading the complete version.

    "Tora", is the Hebrew Scriptures, Which is translated to the Old tastement. The New Tastement were actually in hebrew but it's translated to greek's words becuase during 1st century the greek's language were still most outspread speaking in the middle east So, that people may understand  what say's in the sriptures. The Bible contains 66 books, 39 The Old tastement and 27 The New tastement.  Mostly you mentioned are true missing, but not, 2 Timothy 3:16, It say's this, "All Scripture is inspired of God and benefecial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in rightheousness".  King James of England ordered to translate the Latin bilble to english so that the people may understand the scriptures in their own language.

    the king james version is a very good version,but the words are hard to follow bible has the living bible on one side of a page, and the king james on the other..i always read the living side first ,and then check in with the king james to make sure of the understanding  nice talking guys...........................................................................................................................


    They say that the King James is the closet translation to the original Hebrew bible.All other bibles have twisted God's words around, and left out very important passages. The Revised Standard Version is more complete than the NIV.

    for me all of the Bible are complet



    ben, have you read it ?

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