The U.S. Postal Service will cease Saturday delivery for most mail. Any thoughts?

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    No bills to worry about over the weekend?

    They are re-structuring in the UK too, less pay for the postmen/women, less cost more profit for the poor performing Royal Mail, sad but true, hard times call for hard measures I suppose.


    Less money for the men/women who deliver the post, and more money for the bad performinh managers and execustives at the top. And like the man running the NHS badley, a big pay off when they sack him.

    Big pay-offs, big lucrative pensions,probably a new job lined up for them as Directors of other companies.
    This big old world just isn't fair, never has been.

    My mail carrier will be happy. She's been forced to to work 6 days per week for 3 years now because they cut staff. Her kids will be happy too having her home more. 

    It is just a luxury to have had it this long.  Most businesses are run only 5 days per week, why not the Post Office.  If it were a VA hospital, that would be different, but for mail delivery?  Good way of trimming our federal budget.  The bills will wait in their bin until Monday, most likely.  And the junk mail can certainly wait!  I recycle that anyway!  Most postal employees who were about ready to retire already were given incentives, so it didn't hurt them.  Some may have to shift around, but what business would not have to do this in hard times?  

    We dont have post delivered here in Ireland in Saturday, The Post Office is open till 1PM for anyone who wishes to post letters, buy stamps etc.

    The writing was on the wall for many years eversince email came to life. The game has just begun. More things ought to be cut unfortunately affecting human lives as well.

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