What is the best way to contact your spirit guides??

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    Your spirit guides are always in contact with you, they watch over you and protect you as needed.. When you want your guides to come call them, often at night when I'm asleep or half dazed I think it's my partner holding my hand but it's not, nothing is touching me, I believe this is my father trying to comfort me when the chips are down.
    Guides come to us in many shapes and forms sometimes feathers or butterflies. Anything that blows freely in the wind should be taken note of.
    When we shout to the universe it provides us with all we need.
    To connect with our guides sit in a dark room with a candle lit use crystals as protection. Breath until you are fully relaxed then call on your guides. After this always cleanse the area with a white sage stick or a crystal elixer. Red jasper , tiger eye, moonstone, amythist and citrine soaked (springwater) in 12 hours of direct sunlight then poured into a spray bottle..
    A small gypsy secret for sunburn, red jasper soaked for 24 hours in spring water works well in a spray bottle on bad sun burn.
    Also using a large ros? quartz doing the same is a great elixer for the bedroom, rose quartz represents the heart and love.
    For centuries gypsies have used potions and elixers to heal, cleanse and protect.
    Never use a ouija board and mess with things like this to contact the spirits as this can be very dangerous many people do this without the experience to block unwanted spirits. Use practical methods..

    I love this quote we are all spirits covered up in clothing.
    Good luck


    wonderdyke - wow how do you know all this so impressive. xo
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    We all have intuition, I read palms and tarot and have a belief in the something, I believe we are all connected to the universe.
    I use crystals and things from the earth to heal.
    I call my spirit guides a lot. And they hear my calls.. I don't whisper I say it aloud ...

    I know about crystal elixers because I use them often ..

    Thank you for this - I am not confident enough to believe anyone would listen to me. You are so right we are all connected to the universe, each other and the other living creatures on this earth.
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    Everyone has someone whom listens to them, just because you can't hear them speak back doesn't mean they are not bear by look for other things like feathers or birds , things that fly have to do with the free spirit world.

    If you believe in your guides they will guide you in ways you won't even realise,
    You may see butterflies in a group instead of ignoring go exploring. Your guides send messages in different ways.
    You just need to open your eyes :)

    wonderdyke - I understand totally - I guess I am so very independent that I just don't ask - when I see people asking God for futile things "like please can I win the lottery" seems distasteful to me. I of course realize you are not talking of such - the guy who does my warfarin levels told me the other day he is a Buddhist - his wife a catholic. He goes to a Temple in Westminster - cannot remember what kind of Buddhist he is but he says he likes this Temple as he meditates but does not chant. Again this a different thing you are speaking of I guess I have to explore this more. I have always liked the idea of Buddhism for instance and did have many books but not so knowledgable. I am sure there are guides out there - do not really need to look but have never got my head around this "ask" thing. A friend of mine goes to a spiritual church and I asked her this very question why do you have to "ask" she is asking around for an answer. Just one aspect of what you are saying. I will as you say open my eyes and look further.

    Believe in them for one thing.  Keep an opened mind throughout the process.........

    Just speak to them!! Talk! Open your jaws and make the sounds! The trouble is that most of us can not hear THEM! Likely why we ( meaning me) tend to shake our fist to the sky...sometimes...


    Sometimes we keep them away through our own negative energies. Sometimes they just can not hear us through all the white noise we create by being too immersed in the physical and not in touch enough with the spiritual.

    Do u think they help in some way with light body activation and restore the dna if it is true that talk about dna changes?

    I know you are asking Lindi but I'd like to answer...the body is it's own doctor. Positive energy or light energy is a healer. With this energy, the body can actually heal and correct itself. This idea takes a lot of dedication to the belief of allowing the program God gave each body to heal or correct itself. DNA has all this information. Some guides are healing guides. BUT they can only heal if karmic laws allows the healing.

    Now we're talking quantum physics...yeh...shake it !! On a more serious note, Colleen is right on here...(pranic)energy IS everything, quite literally...and the balance of 'cause and effect' is definitely in play on this planet...just thinking positive pulls healing energy to you as does manifesting white light through your creative imagination...peace.

    Masefect, please use the comment this answer link to reply back to people. I've moved your below comment to here because I think this is where it belongs.


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    thx for ur answers I realy belive in this.its fun to see there is some clever peoples out there like u :)

    Clear your mind. Take deep cleansing breaths. Ask your guide/s to protect you while you attempt to open your subconscious so that they might communicate with you. Focus your inner consciousness on your third eye, this is where Soul enters the body at birth and leaves at death. Clear your mind of all thoughts bound to the physical world and think only of your guides. We typically have only one guide but if you feel you have more than one, think of them all. Ask a question. Ask it only one time. If your guide/s can answer it, it will be answered when it can be answered. To help relax your body, chant something, anything you wish to chant is fine as long as it relaxes you. You can use the word love as love is the greatest positive energy of all. Let it flow out in a long slow manner. Loooooooooooovvvvvvvveee.........Take deep breaths to continue to cleanse yourself of negative energy in between the chants.  You should do this for at least 10 minutes in the beginning, increasing the amount of time gradually each time you do it. 20 minutes is best. Good luck. 


    Think i will try this some time Thx your answer seems to be legit :)

    God guides the stars by his laws of motion and gravitation. Man cannot guide them. God guides the migrating birds by his laws of instinct. Man cannot guide them. Man cannot even guide himself. Jeremiah 10:23 (ERV) states: Lord, I know that our lives do not belong to us.
    We have no control over what happens.

    The stars heed God’s laws, the birds obey the migration laws, but men balk at God’s laws for them. But if God is capable of guiding the stars by natural law, of guiding the birds by instinct, then is he not capable of guiding man by the Bible? “Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light on my path.”—Ps. 119:105,


    You have irrefutable proof of this?

    If you continue to post bible verse as answers here, I'm going to have to assume you are trying to preach your religion on this forum which is not allowed. Neither of these verses answer the question so they do not belong in this thread. At this point you are simply preaching. Stop now. It is not your responsibility to bring your religion to this forum. Everyone here already has their own beliefs. Respect their beliefs and stop pushing your religion. If you continue to do so, you will be removed from akaQA.

    I am not preaching. I answer the question as best as I can and as this is a religious section, I use scripture to back up what I say. Just as anyone else who answers/asks questions on this forum. We do have freedom of religion and speech in this country so whatever one believes they are free to comment.

    Posting verses from the bible to a question that has nothing to do with the Christian religion is preaching. These verses do not answer the question. If you can not answer the question do not answer it. There is freedom of speech in this country too but we do not allow cussing and sex talk here. Some freedoms are limited on this forum for the comfort of others. There has been great discussions about the bible thumping that happens here and the consensus is, bible preaching will not be permitted. You are not to use questions that do not pertain to Christianity as a reason to promote your bible or your religion.

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