how do YOU seek perfectionism in an imperfect world?

    no hints from me

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    You can't be perfect only the best you can be. Always do your best. Do as Jesus would.

    I just try to do my best, and keep trying, and maintain faith and optimism.  :D 

    Give it up Just do your best.

    ....I lean/depend on God.

    Looking for, and being able to achieve it are different obviously. I attempt to be the best at what I do (no, not cutting the grass) and at times I feel I have surpassed my competition. As far as being the perfect human goes, well, I've got a lot to work on. Like MOM said, perfection has it's drawbacks, they nailed Jesus to a piece of wood.

     No such thing as perfect. 

    tried to seek excelence that was not the answer
    There was but only one perfect being in the world Jesus and I think that there is no other.
    The addiction to perfection is the root of all addiction

    I try to do my very best each day, not always attaining that goal.
    Trying to be perfect and seeing the world as imperfect is an up hill battle. Enjoy what is to be enjoyed. Let others and situations be what they are.

    Perfection died with Jesus..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Thats way too much pressure to put on yourself. I think it's the imperfections that give you your personality. Thank goodness no ones perfect...the last perfect human was hung on the cross so I think I would like to save myself the agony of trying and the agony of being hung for it!

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