I have a fairly new Stihl MS250 chainsaw which has become impossible to start-up. I have changed the spark plug. I have renewed the fuel using the proper Stihl oil for 50:1 mix. I have compression. I have changed the coil (unnecessarily as it turned out). I have a spark - but it still wont fire up and start. Any ideas what I can try next?

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    i sometimes use a chainsaw with my work and they can make you pull your hair out,having done all you have done the only thing that can cause this is the air mixture.

    there are 3 tiny screwdriver holes on the casing .one for tick over and two more,these are to adjust the air mixture(weak and rich).you may be to weak or to rich.try adjusting these if no joy down to the dealers i`m afraid.

    There's been quite a few complaints regarding this saw not starting.  My father has the same saw and we've found ourselves pulling so much at times we can't pull anymore.  From what I've read the main thing with this saw is to make sure when you have it on full choke (starting cold) to never pull more than two or three times otherwise you'll flood it and it will never start.  It should "pop" or "fire" on the second or third pull on full choke.  If it doesn't after two or three pulls on "full choke", move the selector to the "fast idle" position and try to start it.  It should fire right up after a few pulls and from what I've read there should be no chance of it flooding in the "fast idle" position.  Since I learned the above I've had no problems starting my dad's MS250.  Good luck!

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