Would You Rather See A Movie At The Theater Or At Home On DVD? Why?

    At home on DVD. I have more control of the movie, for instance, I can pause it, if interrupted, I can rewind, if I missed or did'nt understand something or stop it and come back to it later.

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    Yes Pamela I am very much like you love to watch a DVD at home I am more comfortable and as you say have more control and I can lay on the Sofa with out getting a stiff neck and listerning to people eating popcorn rather make my own and enjoy good question   lol


    I agree, Mel!

    thanks Pamela lol

    DVD Its cheaper and I can eat all the CRAP I want and not have to take out a bank loan. :)

    I like the whole experience of going to a movie theatre.  There is nothing quite like everyone laughing or sometimes crying (then laughing) as a group.  I just find it an experience like no other.  (...but I don't buy their very expensive junk food)

    at home, you don't have to get past a line of people if you need the loo........and again when you come back

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