my gmail account acting wierd

    My gmail, wen i sign in, it goes to something called a profile and i dont know how to check my important messages.why is my gmail account acting wierd and how do i check my emails? i really need to get to my email because my boyfriend and i have a long distance relationship and we need to keep in touch. And gmail is the only way we can talk be cause he only has a computer. i REALLY need to talk to him because i need to break up with him so can you pleaseeeee help me? thanks please write bak -allie :)

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    Oh my goodness ... this was a timely response ... try reloading the page or logging out and back in. If the problem persists contact google help here >>>

    You probably don't want to break up with your boyfriend seeing as how late our response is ... sorry about that... you're likely even married by now eh? If so CONGRATULATIONS !

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