pretrial supervision harrisburg pa will 1 dirty pee test land me back into prison?

    i was set up by a under cover, sold him herion only so i wouldnt be sick and could sleep that night i had recently started the methadone clinic wanted off the stuff..but the cop kept calling me that night i gave in and went to him to get the money and go to the dealer...long story short and please some1 answer this that has been through this..i had took a adavan like 2 days before he called me to come pee..i told him i w smokin weed..but No heroin..the adavan i explained to him im trying to get medinsurance to get back on all my correct medications ...and get backk into the clinic. are they just looking for me to test positive  for herion/opiates? he ordered me to get a d/a evaluation they wanna see if i need impatient rehab or ? jail is no place for an addict of 10 years i had become dependant on pills(vics,perks,oxi's..moved on to the shit that scared me the most but onlysnorted it for about 1 year off and on then aug7th til november 29th went hard...but like i said i repetly told the cop i was in treatment and he would bug!!!!! i think thats entrappment in a huge way..i never called him and said hey got some or never called him and pursued him,,he pursued me and than knowin i was trying to get off the s*** and yet still calling me buggin...crazy

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    This is not a legal advice site, it is a general inquiry site. Sounds like you got yourself a $hitpile of trouble...perhaps 're-hab' might help...but then again...maybe not if you are still in denial, or have enablers, or just plain get your kicks by ingesting chemical substances...I don't know far is it, how far can it the bottom man? Just reading your note...feels like you still want to be 'sucked up' by addiction,like you are avoiding or trying to avoid the inevitable. My advice? Go do your time and try to stay clean and do good without whining OR bragging about it and buddy you'll be fine and I'll meet you at the end...someday a ways off into the unforeseen future...which is where I'm dude, hope it all works out for you.

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