how do i change a password i dont know?

    I went to change my password but i typed in the new one and i didnt type it in right so now when i close my laptop down or it goes to stand by i wont be able to go on my laptop again. I need to find out what to do asap (as soon as possible) so please could you help me.


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    I was just thinking but am not sure if this will work....try a system restore to the most recent restore point. Again, I can not say that this will work but it might change the password back to the one you had before. Note, you will lose any downloads or work that was entered after the restore point you chose.

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    You'll have to treat this as a "forgotten password" issue. The cheapest way out of this is to do this:

    Take your computer to a local repair shop. These shops often have similar types of password cracking software, and are often used to dealing with the situation. This can get you back into your machine without the need to shell out as much money as purchasing the password removal software for yourself, making it a viable alternative if time is not of the essence and you have a few days to wait for your computer to be finished.

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