Some believe death is a punishment.Do you agree/disagree and why?

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    from the number of views vs.answers.This event is inevitable and one must have view(s)on it in MHO.

    I think you were not clear enough in your question and people are confused by it and what you are actually asking about.

    Where is the confusion? Even you managed to understand and answer!

    Read below and see the confusion again. You've been trying to get people to understand your question. Please do not think I missed your jab, just remember, I'm tough to fool. How's your troll friend?

    sawali, what's MHO, part of Obama care ?

    MHO = My Honest Opinion.


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    We still have states that put people to death for crimes comitted and therefore is a punishment.
    But death itself is  a natural occurance . No one can live forever.


    so Ann continue forever and get your thoughts on the question.

    Sawali, that was rude. It's not her fault you were not clear in what the question is about.

    I don't believe that death is a punishment. It's part of the cycle of life and we experience it over and over again.

    I lost a very close friend whom was murdered, I would rather that mongrel rot in jail. Some find justification in death but I would rather a person suffer in jail, till the day they die..


    Very sorry about your friend, D U.It's hard enough to lose a good friend, without him getting murdered .

    When your body dies, pain is usually experienced and then, all of the things that were important in your life falls away as your awareness shifts to your recognition of those around you who have died before you…perhaps your mother or close friend. The purposes you had previously in your material lifetime usually seem silly and of no great consequence in their dismissal. The experience of dying is potentially quite varied over a wide range, but basically will be of no particular consequence after the event.  Laughter and cheerful chatter soon fills your awareness as you begin your transition to full spiritual awareness. There are seven stages of progress after physical death. In the first three stages you will be able to contact the living left behind and they may see and talk with you also.  Many meditators are able to project their presence during the course of their material life. Such contacts are generally not advised because it tends to frighten many people. We have all heard various frightful stories. Beyond that, there is little that I can say but that they are imagined to be more.  

    We are all victimized by terms and differences…the inevitability of death, without life, when ones state of being recognised as opposite to what is seen as ones dead state. Everyone you think you know considers themselves to be alive and qualify their opinion with all those things that seem to proclaim life…blood, bone, pain, pleasure and presence. And then there is the dualistic opposite terms and state believed to be death…denied as the unknowable end of all there is…to make it frightful, to be avoided and redeemable only by mythological fables and reinforcing the comfortable practices of realities acceptable states without question. Life is more than all the stories, myths and fables man has ever conspired to dream.



    you don't nessarily feel pain when you die. Some people slip away in their sleep.

    Death is too good for some people as punishment.Lethal injection given and it's all over nice and quick.I believe to keep these monsters of society incarcerated for the term of their natural life.


    Death by lethal is an unnatural forced event. Let's talk natural death in the context of the question.

    Explain your questions better.

    it's nature at work.

    Death is not a punishment. It's a new beginning. It's freedom. But ,God doesn't want us to die until He calls us. He knows when the timing is right.

    terryfossil 1

    MCM ..God does not always do the calling

    For every death, there is a birth.


    More then one birth methinks,ie the over population of the world

    Depends who are married to,


    Haha :-D

    Ever since Adam's sin in the Garden of Eden  death has been a punishment. Between Creation and the Fall there was a week or two of no death. Believe that if you want.

    Death has been used as punishment for time immortal.  So, in that sense, YES, death is a punishment. That was part of the punishment to Adam and Eve. 
    Didn't God plan for mankind to have everlasting life, leaving life on earth for life in Heaven?
    I'm not in a big hurry to die, but it won't be punishment, that's one thing I couldn't be more certain. 

    the original death was when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden of Eden..death meaning separation from God,,,death ends after the reunion with god,,so natural death is not punishment if you believe you will go to god..for those who believe in ground hog day,,,well that's their belief and they are not in any trouble at all,,unless they are wrong...i tend to believe that god made us for his glorification not ours,,and then he gave us a book to tell us what he wanted,,,and if i am wrong ,then i lost nothing,,if the ground hog people are wrong they lose everything......................always good to chat ......................................................................................................


    nothing can ever separate us from the love of God.
    terryfossil 1

    goodlife,i hear what you are saying,and i agree you are on the money,,keep up the good work..........................................

    the happiest people i know are the one's that couldn't care less about the next life...PERIOD!!! Death is the beginning of the End...


    The beginning of the end of what? Soul exists for eternity.

    stey, The only people who don't worry about death are young people. I didn't think about it either in my 20s or 30s.
    terryfossil 1

    Hey Stey,,what country are you in ??????

    It is of interest to note the correspondency of these Biblical points with what is known scientifically of the death to some long some short.

    Observing how man’s declining years, the result of cutting himself off from God’s undeserved kindness. Dwelling in the land where death cast its shadow neither Adam nor any of his offspring lived a full one-thousand-year day. Longevity gradually decreased with several sudden drops in the lives of men. After the first ten generations from Adam to Noah no one attained an age reaching into the nine-hundred-year age bracket. Shem, who followed Noah, lived to only six hundred years. The three succeeding generations attained an age within the four-hundred-to five-hundred-year bracket. Then followed another sudden drop, for within five generations man’s life span was cut in half. The four generations that followed, reaching to Joseph, the son of Jacob, brought man’s maximum life expectancy down near the hundred-year mark. (Genesis chapters 5, 7 and 11) Death was ruling as king from Adam to Moses and man’s fading life spark was just like a mist appearing for a little while. The great conspirator had the ability to bring the plague of death through transgression but was without the power of life, for only in God’s hand is the breath or life power of all mankind.—Jas. 4:14

    God had warned Adam: “In the day you eat from it [the forbidden tree] you will positively die.” (Genesis 2:17) Adam and Eve chose to die.


    When contemplating the sheer power of the stars, we may feel overwhelmed—and even more so when we consider our Creator. However, the Bible encourages us: “Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you.” (James 4:8) Yes, the Creator of the earth and its abundant energy resources, the one who gave us the spark of life, can be found by those who look for him.— Psalm 36:9
    However, as the soul is the person himself, there is no need for God to put a soul into a person to go and live elsewhere, ie Heaven. Heaven is already full of the angels, cherubs, seraphs.
    God created man with a desire to live. Why are you now breathing? Because you choose to live. Living is hard work. Being dead is easy. When you are dead you will be doing nothing, and nothing is easier than doing nothing. (Eccl. 9:5, 10) Yet even lazy people do what is necessary to live. Every sane person chooses to live.

    first if the crime was that someone took life couse he or she want it not by mistake then the death for him or her is to easy out i would made them to hard work until his or her death , maybe they would find salvage in this hard labre  ,    culyoo ,croatia

    if a child dies is that a punishment why don't you ask the mother of said child who died i am sure she will answer that in more ways the one.


    skyeye, the question is not about what the effect of death is upon survivors. Rather it is about the person who has to die one day what he/she feels about it. Want to give it a shot?

    skyeye, Jesus said, " It is not my father's will that one of these little children should suffer."

    I disagree because death is not usually a punishment.

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