Some junior prison psychologists conducted some tests on me and deemed me as a psychopath. This resulted in me being denied parole and spending a further six years in custody as I was deemed a "high risk to society." However, consultant expert independent psychologists found the prison psychologists did not do the tests in accordance to the tests manuals for those tests and that I was not a psychopath. Due to these experts I was awarded my parole. So can I sue? If so, who do I sue? The prison or

    In total I spent 20 years in custody. I was found 'guilty' by circumstancial evidence only. I maintained my innocence for those 20 years. The prison psychologists said that as I was in 'denial' then I cannot be rehabilitated. If rehabilitation is about doing the right things, then how can prison psychologists rehabilitate people when they do the wrong things, not in accordance to their test manuals. Can any solicitors / lawyers assist me on a No Win No Pay basis, please? This is an Australian case, posted here on 31 January 2013.

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    You still sound sick from reading some of your replys to colleen.

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    . What are you doing now ?  What are your plans for the future ?  Tell me your life right now.I would really like to hear about it  You may be reaching for something that is probably not attainable even though you think it is a worthwhile goal. Plotting revenge is good for the mind. Individual creativity builds , parts of the brain energize. One day you will realize that goal is not worth the expense physically and mentally. In your case this revenge can and may do you more harm than good . Concentrate on your day to day goals. The more days that go by, and the more important things you concentrate on, you will eventually wean yourself off that idea of the past. If you let this consume you. it will eat you up like cancer will destroy a person.

    Maybe you can contact the N.S.W prison ombudsman.Click on this link to see the services they provide>>>

    Sue, sue, sue...  I am sure it comes down to "You must have been prison for a reason, they do not just pick up random people and throw them in the slammer do they?  Why don't you just get on with your life, get a job and be a contributor to society.  Now if you do have a mental issue, then maybe you need to be treated, or managed so as you are no threat to you or others...

    Regardless of innocense, the fact that you are convicted mandates that you will be held accountable for the crime. In being paroled, you essentially are being given the opportunity of early release based upon your "so-called" rehabilitation. In essence, you owe the remainder of your sentence upon release, as your sentence is still active.

    I highly doubt it would be worth pursuing. But also, if you still owe big brother would be wise not to go kicking that sleeping dog!



    The issue here is not about if I am guilty or innocent. I accept that I was found 'guilty' in a court of law. My innocence still stands. The issue here is about the psychologists because they had taken the law into their own hands to falsify their reports. Except they got caught out by their own collegues. I have this in black and white.

    While it is always tempting to retaliate to those we feel have wronged us in some way (and I've a list a mile long), it behooves us to focus our efforts on improving ourselves and moving past the detractors.
    You have a tough row to hoe.  So do two of my sons.  It is a day by day effort to do what is right. Hopefully, they continue to take life one day at a time.
    Hopefully, you will look forward instead of backward.  A lawsuit is expensive and time-consuming, with no guarantee of success.  Better to spend that time with family, friends, job training, and other positive pursuits. 
    If you must, as others have told you, contact an attorney and see what your chances are. I wouldn't put too much effort into it. 

    You can sue anybody for anything. So, you can sue the prison, or the state......IF it's a state prison. You can sue the first psychologist that said you are psychotic. It's gonna take some money to get started.

    I just don't understand, I was the only sane person in the courtroom and I gotta go to jail, i don't get it.. LOL!

    You might try to get a journalist involved. If the story is sellable and it can be shown you were wrongly convicted the rewards could be huge.


    Just as soon as he puts his banana down.

    This is not about my conviction. I have no intention of challenging my conviction as I cannot prove that I am innocent either. If justice is to be fair, then it must work both ways. The prison psychologists would have got away with what they were doing, if other psychologists had not got involved. I don't give a rats about any money, I want their jobs. If they were prepaired to lie with me, then they are doing it to others. They should not have a job, end of story.

    Consult a lawyer. 

    Stay out of trouble and stay on your meds. 


    Not on meds of any kind.

    Really? Interesting. You're the same person who asked about banana stains on your underwear and you want us to take you seriously.

    I'm thinking you may need meds.

    Ah, but that was a genuine question too.

    No it isn't. Go get a girlfriend or boyfriend. Preference is no issue. Just get one.

    Would you like me to send you my underpants, just to prove my case.

    Would you like me to ban you from this forum?

    Go take your meds. Burn your nasty tidy whiteys.

    it`sad that you spent 20 years in prison but you dont say why you were sent there in the first place?being bitter and looking for revenge is not the way to go.leave the past where it is and start today as day one and try to look forward with hope ,trying to improve your have no chance of moving on if you keep looking back.

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