how do yo do

    what is dead

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    I'm great, but!!

    This.  ""


    Dead looks like an arcade game...eeeeps...zombie shootdown...eeeeeeeps!!!! LOL

    The Moaning  trio and there zombie  rabbit RUN everyone MUMMY save me  AWW!!!""""""""

    How do you do ........My name is Sue !    ( A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash )


    :-)Mcm..I`d say how do you do?..and welcome back..but so far everytime I`ve done that in the past..they just do a runner:-0 LOL!

    Fine, and how do yo do?

    I am fine...

    The Dead’s career can be viewed in several stages. During the latter half of the Sixties, they were a psychedelic rock band whose music and lifestyle were synonymous with the San Francisco scene. In the Seventies, they moved toward a rootsier sound and style of songwriting while maintaining the lengthy jamming tangents that remained high points of their concerts. In the Eighties, they became a touring juggernaut, attracting a nomadic following of Deadheads that followed them from show to show. An anomalous commercial peak came in 1987 when “Touch of Grey” became a Top 10 hit, further accelerating the influx of younger fans to the band’s increasingly prosperous touring scene. They would appear on Forbes’ list of top-grossing entertainers and for a few years in the early Nineties were the highest-grossing concert attraction in the U.S. The 1995 death of Jerry Garcia abruptly put an end to the Grateful Dead, though various members subsequently regrouped as the Other Ones, The Dead and Furthur.

    The roots of the Grateful Dead hark back to the early Sixties and a small community of literature and music-minded proto-hippies in Palo Alto, California, to which Garcia gravitated. It was in this milieu that he befriended Robert Hunter, who would become his lifelong songwriting partner, and Ron McKernan (a.k.a. “Pigpen”), a serious disciple of blues and soul who played keyboards and harmonica. A budding young guitarist named Bob Weir fell in with Garcia’s crew, which gathered at Dana Morgan’s Music Store in Palo Alto (where Garcia gave guitar lessons). READ MORE HERE>>>


    I have everything Joni Mitchell ever sang in my extensive vinyl collection, she is indeed a Lady of the Canyon, one of my faves.

    I have a poster circa sixties that advertises my dads' band with Joni Anderson (Mitchell) opening for them as well as featuring 'NEW' guitarist Leo Kotke as the 'King' of the 12 string guitar!! Memorabilia rocks buddy! I wonder if it's worth much?

    If it's signed it's worth a bloody fortune.

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