I have nothing to ask a 5 yonkers.

    I ask information online i don't ask for nights thank you.I can afford my grapes my cranberry juice iknow i can ask for overtine night shift.I know i can ask to speak to the new boss or have a special appointment with him or ask the nurese haed about company history rite now i don't want to risk as women to cross that bridge  at the moment jaeanette pascale i have no questions ask.Marie says goodbye stress good.I want to answer them online a job offer difference a full time position offer for working with then one year with honesty.My staff well or ok.We love pet but we not noisy or been pest around here .I think before stoping by shoul call or let me know if you can not deal with me wait until one my family member get contack with you don't come here sneaky and selfish.I'm resident here vive a la nueva york Marie says take care and carried your stress with you.Marie post a answer.

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    Maille, you have directed your question to akaQA.This is a general question and answer site.Please check where you wanted this information posted.

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