If You Could Be A Car Which One Would It Be And Why?

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    A Jaguar. Then I'd be a fast women in a fast car.

    Yes, but you'd still be owned by Ford... lol

    No, I always pay cash. I never owe money to anyone.

    PS. I am not a drug-dealer. I'm smart with money!

    A Bentley Convertible. It's classy, smooth, and it's the epitome of style!!!
    alt text

    I would be a "68" Firebird convertible. I have owned 3 of them so far and love the high end speed, style, and handling.

    I buried the speedometers in all of them, that go up to 180 Mph, so I like to do sports that involve adrenaline, and risk.
    (High speed)

    The (style)is curvy and sleek, I love to paint and am musically inclined so I have a unique style like the car.

    And (Handling,) I am good with people and handling stressful situations, most of my close friends rely on me to help them with sound advice.

    I know this sounds vain so I have to say that I apologize for that, I just had to relate the good qualities of the car to myself. Not meant to toot my own horn, lol.

    well my first answer would be that I do not wish to be a car, but in just kidding and fun thinking I guess I would like to be a well-kept up 1950's version of a Ford Thunderbird, baby blue. Sounds like a fun car to me.


    <a href="/users/363/darci13/">@Darci13</a> - I see you like classic!!!


    Yes Pamela my friend I do there are so few "true" classics around in anything anymore.

    A Porsche or Lamborghinni or perhaps one of Jay Leno's collection of cars as I'm sure I would be well taken care of! The man is a car fanatic and has some amazing ones in his garage!


    <a href="/users/2305/ole-hipster/">@ole hipster</a> - I like your style!!!

    Aston Martin, full of style and plenty of grunt, bit stiff in the ride department as it has sports suspension.

    A Jaguar , for syle comfort and all round good looks.
    I had a 1984 Jaguar for a number of years and it was like driving on a cloud, incredible car. Shame they have lost the "Eye brows" styling on the bonnet, Jags were unmistakeable from any thing else on the road.

    As an aside I bught a big black Jaguar for my wife and sat back waiting for it to eat her.

    What would I be??,good question.It'd have to be an everymans car.I'm a working class wi no pretentions so speed freak i may be a Ferrari,Porsche etc is not me.No point changing the habit of a lifetime so it's gonna be a Vauxhall/Opel (GM to you or a Ford.I'm a compulsive modder/tuner and a speed freak/adrenaline junkie so it has to be a motorsport inspired model and the engines very important,it has to be highly responsive,loves to rev n bags of torque from low down.Ok i'd be either a Ford Escort RS1600i the solid tappets,twin coils n cam transformed the CVH.Vauxhall Cavalier GSI/SRi16v redtop.That's why the XE engine was designed by Cosworth for saloon car racing and is the finest N/A twin cam 16 valve of all time.Or a Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth RWD.I love RWD most of all n the cossie YBB in that chassis is perferction.


    <a href="/users/3131/fastbob72/">@fastbob72</a> - I don't know what this means...good choice!!!

    The car that James Bond drove in Gold finger I think it was a Austin Martin

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