What causes thunder and lightening?

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    Lightning is caused by an electric potential difference (a voltage) being created between one cloud and another, or between a cloud and the ground. A charge of electrons builds up on the higher cloud while a lack of electrons occurs on the lower part. When this buildup/lack is large enough, a large amount of energy has been stored. It all releases at one time, forcing an electric current through the sky and allowing the charges to equalize; it also turns most of that energy into heat and light which we see as lightning.

    Thunder is created when the lightning passes. As the air is superheated by the lightning, it expands by a large amount - it basically explodes (compression). However after the lightning has passed and the energy dissipated, the area where it passed through is now at a lower pressure. This creates a suction and air rushes in to fill the gap extremely quickly (rarefaction). Together these actions form a sound wave which we hear as the thunder.

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    God bowling. When the ball rolls down the lane and hits the pins, that's thunder. Every time he gets a strike, there's a flash of light to celebrate it. That's lightening.

    Tell that to your teacher and see what he/she says :)

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