I received a cashier's check in the mail and very uncertain about this what do I do to make sure rather it is frawd or not and if it is ,how can I sue them?

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    Did you already send them money? Are they requesting money from you? I hope not because that is how fraudsters operate.

    cashiers check- Try to cash it see what happens. Ask your bank if its a good check!   Ask yourself Why am I getting a cashier check? If all seems well enjoy!

    You can take it to your Bank, ask them to check it for you.

    The old adage still holds true, "if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn't".  The only reason people still fall for these frauds is that it is easy to be greedy, and think that you will get rich without having to work for it!  They know this fact of human nature and prey upon it.  There are no shortages of victims.

    Whose it from?  Some finance/loan companies, like Mariners Bank sends checks to individuals with good credit and it's legit, the interest rates are higher.  My sister and brother recieved loans that way they send payment book after you cash the check.

    I worked for the world's largest retailer and this happened a lot. They are probably going to try to get you to cash it. I would call the police, sometimes they care and will set up a sting, other times they will tell you to rip it up. bustieoneKarma is right, it is a fake, but call the police and see what they want to do. The Dover NJ police (with someone from the FED) arrested the guy, you just need to stay as far away from it as you can. the other suggestions are good also, you can go to the bank and explain FIRST why you are bringing it in.

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